NaPoWriMo Day Twelve

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Today’s prompt was to choose an experiment, to say something we wouldn’t normally speak aloud.

What I remember, pieced together or
collaged of photographs and movies shown
is pretty incomplete as childhoods go
my memory is vague and fogged it seems
I have some clear recollections, it’s true
the note from school sailing down a sewer
the summer morning breakfast on the porch
the lap of water at our rented boat
i laugh at the Disney memories built
for toddlers shy in pictures with Mickey
the pixel moments frozen for later
when they tell their own children of that trip
that memory shared, stored bright and happy
in mother and father for safe-keeping

What really got me thinking about this was a sign I saw for Blake Shelton’s new recording, Based On a True Story. How nice, I thought, it’s six syllables but we can fix that. So my lunch started with this:

Everything I say
is based on a true story
but not Blake Shelton’s

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