The stresses – Day 7 NaPoWriMo

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Today the stresses have caught up to me:
the practical voice on the radio advised
letting go of your passion to pay the bills
to get a real job, a second job, to save.
The erratic cars on the highway urged me:
drive more carefully, watch out for us!
The weatherman broke in to report that
strong winds would make driving today difficult.
Does he have to seem so excited by this?
Is saving and working more jobs and letting go,
is that easy enough for others, really?
Weaving cars, couldn’t you slow down a bit?
If the world seems gunning for you,
is it wrong to think it is?
7 april 2013

I had a moment of thinking there should be something like The Stresses like The Muses etc in mythology. I probably would have thought more deeply about this during the drive in but I was watching out for the cars driving twenty miles per hour faster than I was and weaving in and out of traffic on a Sunday morning.

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