Day Three NaPoWriMo

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Today’s lunch was interrupted by the screaming, arm-flailing news that Naomi and I are going to see Neil Gaiman when he swings through Saratoga on his book tour in June. OMG. Naomi is a hard core reader. I’ve come to Neil by alternative means and the interwebs.

Still and all, it’s too early to say that working on NaPoWriMo at lunch time is a habit but it’s certainly my plan and it sure wasn’t happening today. I ate my lunch and dithered around and finally just wrote down ideas about a single thought (not Neil) and gave it up.

As a further aside I think I’ll remind my gentle readers that part of my goal for NaPoWriMo each year is to write something daily and post it publicly. here. In the past there have been a few poems that weren’t quite ready to set free that way so I substituted others. The poems are often relatively unedited and often slightly re-written, which is a process that should continue for awhile in the future.

So here’s the much tinkered with day three NaPoWriMo offering.

Step outside the circle:
family, friends, what you’re good at,
the fence that is the known.
what might you be then?
how to get there? A few paths:
move, sin, get disowned,
books, travel to take you there
to the unknown, something other
Or, embracing the modern, surf paths,
live amongst those scary strangers
listen to the kind travelers
learn the ways of working, knowing,
the one lesson gained: be yourself
make stepping outside worth it.
3 April 2013

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