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Folks, in the grand scheme of things this is a small rant. It’s proportional to the actual size of the problem that some of you have, or think you have.

I’ve come here tonight to advise you that there is no cause for

  • whining
  • bitterness
  • rudeness
  • sulleness
  • grudges
  • vengeful behavior
  • etc

just because some bit of new technology, nay, newer technology than the stuff you own has been released. Not only is that sort of behavior unbecoming, but it’s plain stupid.

Technology changes. That’s about the only thing you can predict about it. And that change does often go along the lines of “bigger, better, faster.”

Now here’s the real reason why you shouldn’t do any of the above: Just because today something new and improved has come along, it does NOT mean that the stuff you have is bad. Read that again slowly until it makes sense to you. OK, if you’re chugging along on something that’s say 10 years old, chances are you would benefit from something new and improved. If you bought it a month ago, oh well. It still does the same wonderful stuff that was great when you bought it. I’ll wait while you read that last sentence a few times to yourself.

It’s the same as it was yesterday. Nope, it’s the SAME. So why are you bitter and sullen? Because your friend who didn’t have cash three months ago for a new computer has it now and now HIS will be new and improved and yours won’t. Well, next time it will be your turn. Maybe. So get over it. Or at least, don’t stamp your feet and whine at me. Get over it.

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