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I’ve been pondering what to do about the iMac. Nothing particularly wrong with it except it being from 2007 and all, it was growing a bit long in the tooth and a little slow on the hoof. I found myself using the laptop more but frankly, it’s just not as comfy for long periods of typing as a desktop.

Anyway, Tim Cook and the boys announced new models of all sorts of things this week and I took advantage of a convergence of circumstances to bring home a newly-old iMac. Took about 5 minutes to pay for it and another few to have a nice young co-worker Eric put it in my car. Normal drive home, bring it in the house. Shut down and unplug the “old” one.

Open the box, set up the “new” one in the same place, plug everything in and start it up. Do I want to transfer files? Sure thing. Waited a few minutes before I realized that the black USB cable I’d plugged in wasn’t the time machine drive but the webcam, LOL. Plug in the hard drive and poof! sure! transfer everything!

Two hours later it’s all done except a final software update and it’s all good. Amazingly fast – sorry “old” iMac.

While the transfer was going I ordered a bunch o’RAM from Crucial so I can revel in geek-extravagance and that’s that.

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