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Exciting News

OK, exciting news on a couple different fronts. First, the first self-nominee for the as-yet-unnamed awards which will be issued from this site. Interestingly, the self-nominee also suggested a possible category. Now this is what I love about the web, people — total participation and cooperation. So if you want to nominate yourself, feel free to suggest a couple categories as well!

In other news, OK, I can’t keep this a secret — I ordered my new computer today. A lovely 12″ powerbook.

As I’m writing this from my 14″ G3 powerbook aka Pismo, I feel vaguely like a smitten youth overcome with the balmy and hormone-laden breezes of spring, but there you go. It’s served me well since I got it and continues to surprise me with it’s pep and responsiveness. Jaguar and the Pismo are great together.

I hear the siren call of the G4 is all. I had the opportunity and the will and the rest as they say is waiting.

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