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Susan over at BobtheCorgi has a plan. No, wait – it’s a real, four part plan. Phase four of the plan is:

Phase IV – and so I am revisiting the idea of awarding The Blorgies again and I recommend that you all do the same thing. Make your own awards and give them out as you see fit. Just lay it right out there in the beginning – look at the statement of intent I made when I gave out the 2002 awards

This seems like a cause worth rallying around. The heck with the big glitzy awards that everyone seems to covet. I’ve decided I’m going to give out some awards, whether you’re wanting them or even if you’re prepared for the glory of it all. And that’s about all you’ll be getting too – a bit of glory to bedeck your resume.

So stay tuned for a new award. In the meantime, may I suggest that you lay in a supply of sparkly things? And if you’re interested in being considered (keep it clean folks) please email me.

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