Day 27 #NaPoWriMo2012

§ April 27th, 2012 § Filed under deadlines, fae and elvish, National Poetry Month, silliness, the creative process § 4 Comments suggested writing a nice nursery rhyme which was very appealing!

Most nursery and clapping rhymes have strong rhythms, use rhyme and repetition extensively, and aren’t overly concerned with making sense.

I must have been paying attention all those years. I should probably try my hand at a really silly nursery rhyme but this is the one that lunch time brought:


The spiders will weave a silk blanket
to keep my babe and love warm
The owl will watch as you’re sleeping
to keep my baby from harm.
The stars will light up your dreams love
and the moon do a dance on the floor
a wee mouse will see that you’re covered
and the cat will watch from the door.
Your mother will spin a soft song, just for you
and sing it far into the night
tomorrow we’ll play and we’ll laugh and we’ll skip
but for now, my baby, good night!

4 Responses to “Day 27 #NaPoWriMo2012”

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