Day 22 #NaPoWriMo2012

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Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was pretty darn interesting but well within my month’s theme! And I’d sure like to have that as an option. Maybe I need to leave some small beer out at night! So with no further ado:


I heard one ask how
we, small as we are,
could possibly mow a field
or keep our paths.
We do not touch scythes of iron
nor use gas-powered mowers.
One wondered if we grazed
like a field of cows
and made me laugh into my hand.

Have they not seen
the circles in the next dew?
Oh, they’re not awake then, you say.

Here let me help you plant
each seed sprouting
throwing up a viny tether
and a small wooly lamb

There! Look at them
a field of them grazing
happy, chewing, chewing.
They butt heads only where
each circle overlaps
in crescent fashion
One turns left,
the other right, to graze

There fades the first planted,
having eaten all in reach,
the tendril sending up
a momentary flower
brilliant yellow-green
dotted with red
preposterous by all accounts
but then, a seed,
plump, black or white, wooly
which drops to the ground
as the plant recedes.
We put them back in our bags
for the next lawn
where they’ll grow
fat and happy in the night.

We’ll stay back to watch
your surprise
and drink your small beer.

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