Day 20 #NaPoWriMo2012, early edition

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Not really part of my month-long arc of poems, but the prompt at was too perfect for today not to do:

Today, try taking notes while you are traveling. (Mental notes, if you’re driving!) On the bus, on the subway, in the car, walking to work, to school. Then write a poem that narrates the process of getting from Point A to Point B. Try to recapture not only the sights and sounds of your trip, but your mental state. Are you jittery? Sleepy? If you’re on public transportation, what’s the mood of your bus, subway car, etc? If you’re on the highway, is there gridlock? Is the sun shining? Are you happy to be going where you’re going? Who will you see when you get there? Try to keep the poem in the present tense.

morning most mixed up

did I really brush my teeth?
is the mail here?
Look! my packages!
ooooh books!
my jewelry! ooooh!
did I brush my teeth?
I should comb my hair.
cool book.
phone? really?
oh, ok. Everything’s good.
thank you. thanks for calling.
uh huh.
(have to go to work like now!)
ok thanks.
now! must go now!
putting on new earrings!
ok. off to work.
what? I didn’t feed you?
ok. oops better get more food
tonight. Siri set reminder.
cat food tonight after work.
did I comb my hair?
ok. going to work.
driving. finally.
coffee up next.
what a weird morning.
no computer.
that means no wallet.
turning around.
Run in. computer. wallet.
wish I could stay home and read.
new books.
off to work.
omg hope the rest of the day
isn’t like this.

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  • mom says:

    Sounds like a busy start to your day. Hope all works out well. Liked your news to us.
    Hope you brushed the hair and teeth

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