Today’s Haiku

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Started off with a haiku that didn’t quite fit the mold, although I really liked the strange concept. Oh well. It was a tip of the hat to the Day 17 NaPoWriMo prompt which was a wonderful mix of weirdness.

The Desperado,
Apple, thinking different
defines possible.

too warm for april
last night we were melted pools
waiting for spring’s breeze.

song renewing in mind
you’re almost there, almost there,
need just that last line.

These poems of poise
waiting for dawn, or for love
let me start the next.

Dinner. What’s to eat?
Frig holds possibilities
and some dark secrets.

Yesterday: too hot.
Today: not quite seasonal.
Tonight: frost warning.

Turn away from this
the daily, the most common
reach for the rarest.

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