Day 15 #NaPoWriMo2012

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There must be a deep-seated need for a tax day related poem so here it goes. But then the next one is in keeping with this year’s theme.


is there a levy
due to some unknown agency
charged with counting
the lonely nights?
For each night, for each day
the price tallied
the record entered
the yearly total due.
Write the check
write off another year
feel the nothingness
that is so highly taxed. 15 april 2012


In my vest pocket,
there’s a pinch
of sparkly dust,
something to
sweeten your dreams
if you are wrapped
with the cloak of night.
In my watch pocket
a tiny wrapped packet
some leaves, a feather,
a small bit of snow
(no not snow, fire!)
and a single whisker.
If it dangled from
the golden thread
near your own locket
you would look
into my eyes
and I would have
no power at all.
and I would gaze long
if you would but
open your eyes.
Wake! Ask me to
unravel your dreams
and look at me
while I lose
myself to you.
I put it in your hand
while I attend
your dreams
and wait for you
to wake.

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