Day 14 #NaPoWriMo2012

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This still needs some tinkering. Somehow the ideas I had in the car on the way home were gone when I was ready to type, LOL. But here’s my response to NaPoWriMo’s suggestion to write a fourteen line sonnet for day fourteen:


The fair lad who wooed me held out his hands
bearing a flower that flew off, a dove.
He gave me a star washed up on the sands
and said he’d set it in the night skies above.
He drew two hearts for me in the sky
and braided bright flowers for my hair
He saw my destined lover in my eye
and set a bower of leafy moss for my chair.
He drew an invisible cloak about me
but it was his arm around me, warm and strong
He sat beside me then to watch the endless sea
and said his love would be mine forever long.
He said all his love is mine to keep and treasure
Our days full of sun, our nights full of pleasure.

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