Day 13 #NaPoWriMo2012

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I may have tried the ghazal form before, I know I like it both to read and write. So without further ado, day thirteen’s #NaPoWriMo offering:


We come to you at night and shower you with stars
We dance and sing, eat and drink beneath the stars.

If you’d open your eyes and drink in the night
you’d see us here with you and the stars.

The millions that surround you are shining for all
clear and shimmering this night are the stars.

The cloak of the sky they wear is indigo blue
inky and black and gathering clouds of stars.

The clasp of the cloak opens at your touch
and from it falls showers and showers of stars.

Some fall to the night-laden garden without
as beacons and lanterns shedding light of stars

They twinkle and glow and fly ’round your head
these small earth-bound ones, the summoned stars.

I tire not of seeing the waves and seas of stars
above the hills and in my own garden of stars.

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