Day 10 #NaPoWriMo2012

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Today NaPoWriMo suggested we lift (all right, steal) a line from a poem and use it to start one of our own:

But let’s stick to plain old stealing today by writing poems with their first lines lifted from other poems.


All suddenly I saw the Fairy Queen;
At whose approach the soul of Petrarch wept,
And, from thenceforth, those Graces were not seen:
For they this queen attended; in whose stead

from: A Vision Upon the Fairy Queen, Sir Walter Raleigh

The Queen’s Appearance

Suddenly, to me, the Faery Queene
appeared and in her wake followed
love and virtue
while the world sparkled
nay, dazzled
as she approached,
her serene face blessing
every subject with grace
lifting all
with the presence
her being speaks.
She draws near.
Hand to breast
I make reverence to her.
As I rise, the loss of her,
the swallowing up of the world
as her view departs from us
removes all light, all air.

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