Sixth Day of #NaPoWriMo2012

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I have my days confused. I am confused. But here I am. Last night I tried some new software out to create a small site for the side project but it was pretty much a failure software-wise.The quick and dirty and amusing banner via Pages was ok though – it made me laugh.

The Gnomic Saga

And now without further ado, day 6:


The cat, orange and striped
The black one, sleek and dark
They watch.
They saw me come into the yard.
We sit, them on the sunny sill
Me, on the cool sink edge
We sit, watching each other
Calmly. Nothing to prove.
We see how it is, all of us.
The black cat stretches and
tucks his small feet under him.
He pretends to take no notice
but I feel his eyes.
The other makes no pretense,
waiting for me to move
flicking an ear
noting my passage from
sink to table to shelf.
The mistress comes in with a teacup
“You two – doing nothing again?
Go outside!”
and sweeps them out the door.

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