National Poetry Month – Day 30, the end

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Well it has been quite the ride, eh? I wasn’t sure how it would go, trying to write something each day. I’ve written poems in various notebooks and journals that I keep for my quilting stuff (please make a note of that, future historians and biographers!) but don’t generally share those with anyone. Having a goal to write each day does make one a little more focused. Strangely like my purposeful entry into the sewing room each day. Have to get in there if I want to get anything done. Even if it’s only a little something, it’s still something. Likewise having a deadline each day to write something made me sit down and do it. Sometimes at lunch, sometimes after dinner, sometimes as the clock was ticking up to midnight.

To my friends and co-workers who riffed haiku with me over the month – that was great fun and I hope we can continue on. Surely there are worse things in life to do than to spin out thoughts 17 syllables at a time and to share them with friends. I think the tweeted haiku count is somewhere around 70 for the month and that doesn’t count stuff posted here and on Facebook.

So I hope you enjoyed the different fare this month and I know that I won’t be so shy about posting poetical things here in the future. Without further ado, a last official poem for:

The End of National Poetry Month, 2011

Thank you, all the poets of April
who swept me up with a promise and a hope.
All hoping for words to fall into place
hoping to gather them up each day.
To set them down each day
on that blank page
on that blank screen.
Magic. Something from nothing.
We left dangling ends for another time.
We put the thoughts out loud.
We pushed our comfort aside
with that promise of the April tide.

Those who stopped to read my words
were puzzled by the verses.
They picked up the haiku and
turned them over like pretty stones.
They twittered words back to me
and made me glad I’d dared to write.
My words set their words free.

Our month of poems is over,
we turn back to our solitary page.
But in the days before
we light our signal flares again
we’ll add the April braveness
to our hoarded words
and sit down
and write.

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