National Poetry Month Day 29

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Where did April go?

At NaPoWriMo, the suggestion was “So I challenge you today to write a poem based on a headline – it doesn’t have to be “big” news – it can be any news at all, from the girl in your town who won a contest for growing a potato that looks like Queen Victoria to the tabloid offering definitive proof that aliens are designing celebrity Oscar gowns.” LOL it’s April 29th – what news story would that be then?

Meanwhile Not Without Poetry called All-y all-y in come free and said: “Today is a free day! Go write that poem that’s been lying in wait. Or use one of the prompts that you had to skip previously. Or just start something deliciously, gloriously new!” Hmmm and what new thing was starting out today?

Thoughts on a Royal Wedding

Sunlight and flowers
Invited and crowds
Spit polish and shine
Silk and jewels
Precision and timing

Don’t you feel that tear,
that little catch, at their joy?

They seem so happy
no matter how nervous.
They balance on the familiar
The touch of hands, the look,
the intimate smile.

So my friendly witness from afar
of this stately wedding –
who gains more?
My kind wishes to them
or for me, their hopeful happiness.

I can think for them –
stay open to love, be kind,
sing for each other.
Or is that message from them
to me?

After my very early rise this morning, I spent the day sewing down a long stretch of facing. Sewing multiple lines of black stitches down a long side of a quilt needs a lot of light and probably would have been easier with more sleep. But it’s still a lot more done than when the sun came up today.

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