Kittens morphing into something bigger.

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Web cam devotees will note with pleasure that the spring season (aka windows UP) has arrived. Visitors will no doubt be seeing more of the cats and kittens as they guard the house from birds, insects and chipmunks that appear too close to their perch.

The kittens are moving right along – it will be awhile before they are anything other than dinky compared to the two grown cats. They were a hit at the vets – charming one and all and getting the Dr. Tom stamp of good-kitten approval. Archie had a tough night one night this week and had me worried. Very upset tum and worried face. My face was worried too. In the morning he looked a little more relaxed and by evening he was bouncing around with Raz – all better. Whew.

Socially, the little herd is pretty cohesive. The big cats are still in charge of drawing the line (stop! go away! slap-slap-slap! now do you understand? Let me nip your ear to be sure!) but the kittens keep sidling up to them and more often than not are treated to licks and rubs and sniffs. Even Gus will let them share a perch with him as long as they’re pretty calm about it.

Now I just have to teach the kits about summer clothing and how more exposed skin means not clambering up legs with claws! ouch!

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