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The Internet

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Friends, this is why I love the Internet so much. I was on my way to looking up a bit of info – how to pronounce Hergest, actually – when I came across this link.

Nice way to end the day – new music!

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Was rummaging a bit on iTunes since I was tired of rummaging in the stacks of books and fabric. Found a recording of a bunch of schottisches and english country dance tunes recorded at a dance somewhere, making the included Morpeth’s Rant exceedingly danceable. Often it’s just a showy tune that people play as fast as they can which makes it totally un-danceable.

And then! A brand new Altan album, available for pre-order but release date 2/28 so I click pre-order and then! “your download is available. Download now?” You betcha.

Gleann Nimhe - The Poison Glen

So that’s where I am. Where was this new Altan when I needed new music this weekend? Well I’m ready for the next bit. And, it automatically downloaded to my iPhone. Perfect.

An App for that, and interludes

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Saw a link to this great iPhone/iPad app from The Poetry Foundation. It’s a fun way to access quite the array of poetry, so I think this will be a nice addition to my other poetry app, Poem Flow

Today was a nice little down day. I was waiting for some confirmation about what sort and size of sleeve this SAQA quilt needs. I like to do that as part of finishing the edges if I can, and only do it once.

So, what to do in the meantime? I closed up the ironing board and cleared out some magazines, some icky fabric, put away some stuff, thought about the coming project a bit. I count this process as being normal, part of staying acquainted with the stash, letting the brain work out the possibilities etc. All good.

And now I have the info I need so I can measure and trim up the Seasons quilt and get it done.

Among things found: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Holy cow. How many times have I opened this book and it still sucks me in. Made me a little weepy today, the part I read. Holy cow. Just holy.cow. I have such a renewed appreciation of what Rowling did.

I’m still pondering where to take my NaNoWriMo project. I think my part three might need to be snuck in earlier or saved to a future project. Ooops did I just say that?

What will you do?

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What will you do to get you through bobbin count blog post withdrawal?

I don’t know if there’s any known cure. I spent the time during the oscars putting thread away. It would be nice if the brownies came and put away all the fabric. Or tidied up the kitchen. Just a thought.

My crew

Taking the rest of the night off

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Seasonal Palette, quilting done

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