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Seen Inside the Fiat

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And in other, unrelated news, I thought I was going to be showing you some über spider but it turned out to be something equally scary in the passenger side door pocket. And today when I couldn’t find it… even scarier…

Close encounters, Day 15 NaPoWriMo

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This close encounter happened this morning on the way to work, and this first draft will have to serve as a start of its telling.

the turkey, red-bronze-shiny walked
out of the brush in front of my car.
I slammed on my brakes,
hoping the car behind me would slow
and he eventually did see
the great bird launch
and fly into view and across the road.
Now three cars, unscathed
continued slower on towards town.
Amazing how much detail I saw of him
in that moment as our paths crossed,
the dots and ticks and bands of color.
His head held high, windshield high,
daring my little car not to stop in time.
I’ve wondered how those wide wings
fly through woods without knocking twigs
and branches down in their wake.
A half-mile later I saw something large -
overhead a blue heron passing dark,
all prehistoric and unworldly.
Last night, I’d seen a great falling star
shoot down ahead of my travels and
though it posed no threat it also made me gasp
to see the world in action around me.
I couldn’t help but note the birds travelled
in the same direction, a pond-side rendezvous?
Or a plan to make me see the world
as something other than myself
travelling alone in the world of man.

New Year’s Eve Day

§ December 31st, 2012 § Filed under cats helpful cats, fiat 500, food, funny stuff § Add a comment

Went out and got bird seed, kat fud and people food so we’ll all start the year in good shape. Went back into the store having forgotten the one thing on my list – half and half.

OK, it wasn’t that I forgot it really, but rather that people were zooming around like mad people in the store and I couldn’t get to either of the two places I saw half and half. You know, you figure you’ll get something else while waiting for the crazed crowd to clear. One lady zoomed behind me in another aisle while I pondered organic rye flour. Why she couldn’t have gone through the wide part of the aisle in front of me rather than scaring the bejeepers out of me… Oh well. Done and done.

Got the car washed and took some photos of the funky plastic from the car fire. Even after the car wash there were black gummy things that I was able to wipe off the car with a towel, just sooty gunk I guess.

Car fire update

§ December 27th, 2012 § Filed under fiat 500, In the neighborhood, life around us § Add a comment

Went to the car dealer and explained what had happened so a service counter guy came out to look at my car. He declared that the doors would have bubbled before damage was done to the tires which makes sense I guess. He really looked harder than I expected him to and when he got to the trunk end of the car he said – this tail light is smoke damaged, this rear reflector is melted here and I can’t tell if the rear paint is damaged – feel this weird roughness? Having a picture of the fire was helpful to show them what I meant about being parked next to a car on fire, LOL. He brought out a guy from the collision/body repair department and they agreed that I should have the insurance guys do an appraisal and then bring it in to get it all fixed. And if they detail it they should be able to get rid of the smoke smell, which isn’t half as bad as I expected it to be.

So I’ll call the insurance folks and let them come take a look.

exciting times at the mall

§ December 27th, 2012 § Filed under fiat 500, In the neighborhood, life around us, Work (the dayjobkind) § Add a comment

Someone came running in to work today to tell me and three others that there was a car on fire near ours and we should go out right away. The cops there wouldn’t let us go to our cars (danger of explosion etc etc) so three of us stayed to watch and get info etc. Looks like my car (closest to the now ex-lexus) is ok – I’d thought the door might be melting but it looks just dirty. I’ll get the dealer to check it out.

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