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Still a bit under construction but mostly functional. On to the to-do list to fix: categories and tags, some broken links, some missing titles. Nothing that some brute force and time won’t fix.

Soon, if you type you’ll go right there so update your links and bookmarks please, but in a few seconds you’ll be redirected to:

Night out with Neil and Naomi and Joe and 1500 others

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Naomi and I toodled up to Saratoga and were part of about 1500 people in the City Center to hear Neil Gaiman.

Joe Donahue, host of The Book Show and The Roundtable on WAMC, came out and explained how the radio show part of it was going to work. He gave the lead in for the show and told us we could go all out when he announced Neil but that he wasn’t going to really be coming out quite yet.

So we did that recorded bit for the beginning of the radio show.

There were introductions from the owner of Northshire Books, the folks who brought it all together. Neil described these as telling someone in the desert, “there is just out of view, seriously just over the top of this next hill, a most wonderful oasis. Now before we go, let me tell you all about the history of the oasis.”

And then – an hour of Neil talking about his career and about writing and about how this particular book came about. One of the things I most love about Joe D. is, ok two things: first, he always has read the book and knows his stuff about the author and the book and second, he is more than willing to ask a question and then let the other person talk. This is not about him. He doesn’t interject himself into the conversation endlessly.

It’s amazing how fast the hour went by. Then there was a ceremonial recording of the end of the radio show followed by a reading from The Ocean at the End of the Lane, some questions and then a really funny reading from Neil’s upcoming children’s book, Fortunately, the Milk. The questions were quite funny. He said that the opening question at the last signing was: what is your favorite cheese? Yup someone seized this opportunity to ask Neil Gaiman anything and asked about his fav cheese…

Naomi and I took lots of mental notes about things we’ll need to have lined up as a famous author. The bookstore people were so organized and helpful. They told us the “rules” for signing, helped us have our books opened to the right places and wrote our name on a sticky note to make it readable for the signing author. Brilliant!

Neil had been asked why was this his last signing tour. Well he said – look around, there are 1500 people here. That’s a lot of signing and goes on a long time even if you’re really really fast. And it turns out that what most people want isn’t the signature. It’s to get up to the top of the line, stand in front of the author and say thank you. Or, you saved me in some dark times. Or, you changed my life.

So when I got to the top of the line, I looked up close at Neil Gaiman and said ‘you were right. I do want to say thank you and it’s a pleasure to meet you in person.’ And he was exquisitely nice while carefully signing my two books and said nice things back.

So if it feels sometimes like I’m stalking Neil Gaiman, (and I’m not, honest!) it’s because I enjoy his humor and his slant on life and because I can learn some things from him (and from his wife) and because his books make me laugh and gasp, sometimes in rapid progression.

On the doorstep today

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Thursday, Naomi and I get to go see and listen to the man himself!

Lived through TGIF

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First off a cute cat photo, the ever-delightful Deirdre who was sandwiched between the two big boys looking as pleased with herself as possible. Then a newly obtained fabric with a wonderful pattern and the stack of strips so far.

Also this week…

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This guy waited to speak with me and introduced me to his wife so I could help her get a new computer. We all had a good time. Robert Woods aka Bo Buchanan

A fun discussion with my co-worker and pal Matt ensued of ‘people we’ve met at work’. The list was rather impressive.

Earlier in the week:

Someone in a coffee establishment, after calling me ‘hon’ a number of times expressed surprised when I used my iphone to pay for my beverage. What?

“You’re the only older woman I’ve ever seen who uses her iphone to do that, like that.”

I did allow as how I work for Apple and maybe I should be able to handle doing that, lol but…

It was pretty much a whole week of that “how did you (and by you I mean: an old woman like yourself) ever learn all this stuff?” or “perhaps you’ll know (because you’re old or a quilter or __fill in the blank__) what the answer to this is…”

also yesterday:

we had a brief time without rain, but this morning it’s raining again.


got a little surprise package in the mail from Daleah, two CD’s of quilter songs by Cathy Miller. Very funny and spot on stuff like:

I was in my favorite fabric shop the other day
I brought in my addiction for a feed
I overheard a woman to the owner say
You don’t have the one thing that I need

You’ve got Hoffman and Dan River
Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller
Marcus Brothers, Northcott, Peter Pan
Kona Bay and Bali, African from Mali
RJR and Moda on the stand
There’s pastels, brights and jewel tones
Kitty cats and dog bones
All these things where quilters find delight
I’ve been through every bolt
And it gave me quite a jolt
Why don’t you have plain white?
from Why Don’t You Have Plain White? – Cathy Miller 2006

There was something else but apparently I need more coffee first

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